Monday, December 26, 2011

episode 012: still the same

in this episode joey and alec discuss the phenomenon that is dubstep, uncanny x-force #18 by rick remender and jerome opena, our long absence from the comics podcasting scene, wolverine and the x-men #1-2 by jason aaron and chris bachalo, secret avengers #19 by warren ellis and michael lark, moon knight by brian michael bendis and alex maleev, mudman #1 by paul grist, new avengers #19 by brian michael bendis and mike deodato, and much more.

music by kavinsky


Monday, September 19, 2011

episode 011: back in the day

in this episode joey and alec bitch about things for 20 minutes or so and then move on to discuss topics such as hellboy, criminal: the last of the innocent #1-2 by ed brubaker and sean phillips, captain america & bucky #620 by ed brubaker with marc andreyko and chris samnee, captain america #1 by ed brubaker and steve mcniven, daredevil #1 by mark waid with paolo rivera and marcos martin, rachel rising #1 by terry moore, and twisted savage dragon funnies edited by michel fiffe with stories from benjamin marra, ulises farinas, and joe keatinge among others.

music by local h


Thursday, August 18, 2011

episode 010: double digits

in this episode joey and alec discuss supergods by grant morrison, batman incorporated #7 by grant morrison and chris burnham, the wolverine's revenge storyline (wolverine #10-12) by jason aaron and renato guedes, the mindless ones website, brandon graham's comics journal interview, hate annual #9 by peter bagge, the similarities of approach between peter bagge and erik larsen, and we answer some emails, among other things.

music by †††


Monday, August 1, 2011

episode 009: it's a box social!

the whole gang returns for this week's episode where they discuss such topics as the crankcast, the flaws of the modern workforce, new idw artist editions (john romita, will eisner, wally wood), joe madureira's upcoming run on the avenging spider-man, cable reborn, brian k. vaughan & fiona staples new series saga, becky cloonan drawing a macgyver comic, marvel's season one, the dc relaunch & women's rights in comics, jason aaron & marc silvestri on the incredible hulk, more fear itself vs. flashpoint talk, jonathan hickman's upcoming creator owned work, legendary comics, and much more.

music by frank ocean


Saturday, July 23, 2011

episode 008: death via committee

in this week's episode joey and alec discuss the current state and uncertain future of vertigo comics, our anticipation and concerns about grant morrison and rags morales' upcoming run on action comics, episode 48.1 of the excellent wait what? podcast, the death of spider-man storyline (ultimate spider-man #155-160) by brian michael bendis and mark bagley, the amazing spider-man teaser trailer, new avengers #9-13 by brian michael bendis with howard chaykin and mike deodato, avengers #13-14 by brian michael bendis with chris bachalo and john romita jr., our love is real by sam humphries and steven sanders, and supergirl #65 by kelly sue deconnick and chriscross.

music by animals as leaders


Monday, July 18, 2011

episode 007: king of the comeback

joey and alec kick it solo this episode and delve into such topics as the demise of the splash page podcast, frank santoro's art exhibit at the carnegie museum of art, butcher baker the righteous maker #1-4 by joe casey and mike huddleston, powers: who killed retro girl? by brian michael bendis and michael avon oeming, flashpoint #1-2 by geoff johns and andy kubert, and flashpoint: batman knight of vengeance #1 by brian azzarello and eduardo risso.

music by le butcherettes


Saturday, April 9, 2011

episode 006: we made it past five

the podcast nobody asked to return is back! in this episode alec, joey, and jean welcome mr. chris johnson into the fold as the new co-host as well as bitch and moan about such topics as jean breaking up with his comic shop, the coloring style of mr. frank d'armata, the geoff johns-ization of the DCU, bendis and bagley's new creator owned book "brilliant", tmnt at idw, captain america relaunching again, yet another long discussion on event comics, and much more.

music by tyler, the creator


Thursday, January 6, 2011

episode 005: detox

in this episode we are joined by shawn pryor (action lab entertainment, pkd media) to discuss some recent comic book news (and some other stuff). topics discussed include nick spencer off supergirl, joe casey's comics reporter interview, marvel's new event fear itself, the lineup for dark horse presents, flex mentallo reprint, axel alonso as the new marvel editor in cheif, remender/moore on venom, and much more.

music by dr. dre