Monday, September 19, 2011

episode 011: back in the day

in this episode joey and alec bitch about things for 20 minutes or so and then move on to discuss topics such as hellboy, criminal: the last of the innocent #1-2 by ed brubaker and sean phillips, captain america & bucky #620 by ed brubaker with marc andreyko and chris samnee, captain america #1 by ed brubaker and steve mcniven, daredevil #1 by mark waid with paolo rivera and marcos martin, rachel rising #1 by terry moore, and twisted savage dragon funnies edited by michel fiffe with stories from benjamin marra, ulises farinas, and joe keatinge among others.

music by local h


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  1. I love arguing with people about things I like! And I think agreeing to disagree is a beautiful thing, acknowledging that you won't see eye to eye but still moving past it. But that's just me.