Monday, July 18, 2011

episode 007: king of the comeback

joey and alec kick it solo this episode and delve into such topics as the demise of the splash page podcast, frank santoro's art exhibit at the carnegie museum of art, butcher baker the righteous maker #1-4 by joe casey and mike huddleston, powers: who killed retro girl? by brian michael bendis and michael avon oeming, flashpoint #1-2 by geoff johns and andy kubert, and flashpoint: batman knight of vengeance #1 by brian azzarello and eduardo risso.

music by le butcherettes


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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently came across your podcast while browsing the "pimp your podcast" thread from the 11 O'clock comics forums a few weeks back and thought I'd give you a try. When it seemed like ep. 006 was the last one from you I thought that was too bad since I was enjoying your stuff. Now I happened to swing by again and lo and behold you are back (well half of you, anyway) and I have to say that this was another decent listen, so please keep it up - and please, please keep it more frequent! BTW: I agree that the show sounds smoother with just a couple of you chiming in and that it gives you more time to refelect on each topic brought up.