Tuesday, July 16, 2013

diary of a guttersnipe 07/16/2013: don't go crying to your mama

by Shawn Starr


Daredevil: End Of Days (Marvel)
by Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Alex Maleev, Matt Hollingsworth

A retelling of "Citizen Kane" through the prism of costumed vigilante Daredevil , written as subtly as one would imagine the writer of 'Citizen Wayne' could muster.

*I dug Janson/Sienkiewicz’s loose almost sloppy late period Neal Adams style.

Hawkeye #11 (Marvel)
by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth, Chris Eliopoulos

[“pitch” notes for an essay on 'Hawkeye' #11]

  • issue renamed: 'zza dog:
  • Issue of the year! “doggy years that is” (that means best issue in 7 years).
  • a deconstruction of Chris Ware's cold formalism illustrated by two dogs sniffing each other and some circles with hearts in them.
  • Makes 'Acme Novelty Library' look like Dominos. - Killer Lines. Use. Pitch Comics Alliance!
  • "Air Bud" or ‘zza dog. mashup poster. look for someone on Deviantart. No Pay. EXPOSURE!!!! (highlight the exposure angle). Chris Sims will know someone. [Get Chris Sims email]
  • I bet Dan Clowes likes to smother dogs in their sleep. He at least hits them with old 'Eightball' issues. I’m sure of it. Maybe incorporate this fact. FACT (stress this). MAYBE something about "Art School Confidential". i was not a huge fan of that movie, i bet no one else likes it. I’ll slam him on that. Is there a dog in that movie??
  • “the pick of the litter” - possible headline/ title. check with editor.
  •  more Avengers should have pets. Cap can have an eagle. Saturday morning cartoon? call someone.  get the ball “woofing” on this.
  •  need more Dog Puns. Make a sub-folder for dog puns. 5-10 needed.                 
  1. “a woofing adventure”
  2. “a woofing good time”
  3. need to cut down on “woof”. maybe Ruff. “ruffing good time”(?)
  • if you don’t like this comic you’re “BARKINg” up the wrong tree. (note: i like this one. maybe a come back in the comment thread? that will shut them up/no doubt)
  • make it Sorkin-esque.



Truth Zone 84: “The Critty’s”. I like that Truth Zone is a comic made for maybe  500 people who are invested enough in alt-comics to get the jokes. Nick Gazin being “The Dane Cook of Comics Criticism” made me laugh.

Jog writes a latter day Steve Ditko reader over at Comics Alliance. (I’m still not certain if the new iteration of Comics Alliance retains the copyright over work they publish like the previous AOL owned site did. I remember when that policy came to light it was fairly controversial, but that discussion seemingly disappeared when the site reopened.)

Chris Mautner interviews Marc Sobel about his new book/books 'The Love and Rockets Companion' (which will be followed up later this year by 'The Love and Rockets Reader'). I think this line is very apt:

    “The fact that these two punk, Mexican-American brothers created a series that has sustained thirty years of success in an extremely fickle industry like comics underscores its legendary status.”

Sale on Jim Woodring and Peter Bagge designed shirts for $10.

The first six issues of Patrick Kyle's 'Distance Movers' are online.

    An editorial on how Wacker and Johnston can eat a dick

This Bleeding Cool article is pretty disgusting. Wacker's tweet seems like something a person says to score “cred” with the subclass of the comics community who like to leer at women in cosplay and then call them whores when they object to being touched (also see people who jerk off to J. Scott Campbell pin ups of Black Cat ). The tweet might as well read as “GOTCHA! MISANDRY IS REAL!” because that is in essence what it is saying. Wacker caught everyone in their lie, in his eyes at least.  Johnston's commentary on the original tweet doesn’t read much better, smugly asserting that artists/authors who publicly announced they would not take part in panels that did not feature any females (or gender parity according to Johnston) should be outraged over this oversight; in what i can only see as in his mind as a clear representation of male oppression in the comics industry [Johnston's original article was later updated showing that Wacker’s tweet and Johnston’s article were based on outdated/incorrect information since there were indeed males included on the panel. Johnston made a point to deflect any personal responsibility by pointing towards multiple panel drafts with different panelists listed, and that the original listing had been edited since his article ran. Because it was either a conspiracy, or Johnston and Wacker won one for men. I did not notice a redaction from Wacker, i assume his Fedora aficionado meeting ran late this week].

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