Monday, June 17, 2013

diary of a guttersnipe 06/17/2013: transcend r. crumbz.

by Shawn Starr


Pixar's Cars Comics
by Patrick Kyle, Michael DeForge, and Mickey Zacchilli 

Patrick Kyle killed it on this issue.

Vaders Little Princess (Chronicle Books)
by Jeffery Brown

This is a book that your aunt or uncle, who vaguely remember you like "Star Wars", would purchase you for Christmas in addition to a package or two of socks. Existing as a sixty page collection of "Star Wars" references mixed with “dad’s just don’t understand teenage girls!” interactions between Darth Vader and a young Princess Leia (and her companions).

The books stronger material is found when Brown drops the single page illustrations and produces short sequential stories; these “extended” narratives force Brown to work past the one note nature of many of his illustrations.

This was my favorite strip.

The Manhattan Projects #12 (Image)
by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, Jordie Bellaire

Another issue of 'The Manhattan Projects' and another issue where one of the characters turns out to be someone else than who we had thought they were. By the end of the next arc, I presume the entire cast will turn out to actually be secret Muslims from Africa bent on something....something....punchline.

Thor: God of Thunder #9 (Marvel)
Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Ive Svorcina

The only problem I can find in Aaron/Ribic’s run on Thor (besides the kinda too on the nose dialogue about “gods” and shit) is that i kind of hate present heroic Thor. Young brash Thor? Amazing. Old cranky Thor? More please! But with this story-line coming to a close soon, I’m pretty sure that Aaron’s not going to spin the series off into a buddy cop story about Young and Old Thor beating the shit out of people and fucking bar wenches with a band of bumbling vikings chasing after them.

But alas, life is filled with disappointment.

Red Team #3 (Dynamite)
by Garth Ennis, Craig Cermak, Adriano Lucas

I started watching "The Shield" this week, this seems like the kind of comic Garth Ennis does after watching "The Shield".  Also, art and coloring are pretty solid which is a nice step up from the recent string of Ennis non-Marvel work.

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It’s only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. It’s only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That’s all it is.” The Kanye West New Yorker interview is a thing of beauty.

Trailer for a possible Alex Schubert a.k.a. 'The Blobby Boys' a.k.a. 'Zine Police' a.k.a. 'Cyber Gang' animated thing for Fox’s ADHD block, which is art directed by Ben Jones of Paper Rad fame, leading me to be actually interested in a FOX animated lineup after ten years of not giving a shit ("Bobs Burgers" excluded). Additionally, here's a trailer for the new 'The Blobby Boys' book which is being published by Koyama Press later this year.

Simon Hanselmann was interviewed by Sean T Collins for The Comics Journal. It’s a strong interview on one of alt-comics rising stars, but it’s the last segment of the interview where Hanselmann discusses his cross-dressing and it’s impact on his life that this interview crosses over into definitive. Hanselmann is having a breakout year between his 'Megg and Mogg' Tumblr serial and his criticism/gag/whatever he feels like strip 'Truth Zone' for Frank Santoro’s Comic Book Workshop Tumblr. If half the things he has in the works for this year and next see daylight i can’t see him not becoming a big[ger] fucking deal in alt-comics. You can read most of his comics here.

"Girls" Season 38

An essay on Suehiro Maruo’s 'The Laughing Vampire' by Sarah Horrocks, who seems to be popping up all over my twitter feed lately.

Interview by some site i have never heard of with Johnny Ryan and Peter Bagge. The choice exchange is:

    Do you have some wisdom for young comic artists?
Draw more dicks.

Vice talks to Gary Panter about art and stuff. Panter shows some originals to 'Dal-Tokyo' and 'Jimbo in Purgatory' which look amazing. Panter always comes off as the nicest guy in comics, he drew me a dinosaur the one time i meet him. Anyways, here's a recent auto-bio comic Panter did.

Louis C.K. interview, which is kind of old but i just got around to reading it. The parts about Woody Allen are really interesting, i need to sit down for a week and watch all of that mans films.

Oily Comics started taking 3 and 6 month subscriptions again. They are also debuting their first large form work at CAKE this weekend 'Habit' #1 a 52 page comic by Josh Simmons which you should buy. Josh Simmons is the bees knees.

A video tour through the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. That original art is bonkers to look at in video, i can’t even comprehend seeing it in person.

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