Monday, June 3, 2013

diary of a guttersnipe 06/03/2013: holy shit GOT!!!!!

by Shawn Starr

Did not read much this week, Fallout 3 has been a major time expenditure.


Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
by Frederik Peeters

Where many autobiographies tend to sensationalize and make HIV/AIDS terrifying (same goes for any serious disease for that matter), 'Blue Pills' takes a step in a different direction and deals with the emotional repercussions of dating a woman and becoming a father figure to a child diagnosed with the disease. 'Blue Pills' opens not by showing a individual on their death bed covered in scabs breathing their last breaths in a room of loved ones like so many exaggerated  films and novels, but by showing a man and a woman falling in love. It is not until the fifty page mark that we learn of this woman or her child’s diagnoses. Ones initial response is recoil, to run away, but by this point in Peeters' narrative we understand how he can’t, this woman is perfect, the only emotion left for us, and Peeters, is to lash out at how unfair it is to him, but more importantly to her and her child.

It is this emotion, the unfairness of it all, that Peeters explores for the remainder of the book. He does not sensationalize or make his or the family's plights seem worse than they are, 'Blue Pills' is no "Philadelphia", it is a story of coming to terms with a disease. Living with it. It is in becoming educated about HIV/AIDS, and teaching the reader, that Peeters begins to accept his life and his future.

The Wake #1 (Vertigo/DC)
by Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth

A very well illustrated guide through narrative tropes. So pretty much 90% of Snyder’s output. The cover seemed a little busy too. Nice coloring though.


Terry Gilliam discussing Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick re: "Schindler's List" . “Schindler's List is about success, the Holocaust is about failure” is a line which will haunt me.

"Juno" remains insanely watchable.

Connor Willumsen’s unused pages for 'Wolverine MAX'. A.K.A. the book you bought the first issue of for Willumsen’s art and then immediately dropped when he left the book.

This Blaise Larmee GIF is probably the best thing I've seen this week.

Dash Shaw is interviewed by the New Yorker.

Jim Rugg illustrates someone else's "Iron Man 3" review. I guess it’s about drones or something. Anyways,  Jim Rugg draws Iron Man.

Charles Forsman is selling some original artwork, along with taking commissions. He lowered the prices on most of the pages citing that he wasn't Daniel Clowes, so you should probably buy them now before he becomes Daniel Clowes and have to pay his exorbitant prices. This is also a great opportunity to make him draw pictures of Batman riding a dinosaur shooting rainbows out of his eyes. Or something else (My idea is probably better though).

Tom Spurgeon talks to Anne Ishii about the making of 'The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame'. It was a really good interview.

MOCCA finally put up the video of their panel discussions. Art on the Edge and A Chit-Chat with Jillian [Tamaki] and Ryan [Sands] look like the standouts.

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