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diary of a guttersnipe 04/29/2013: explain

by Shawn Starr, how about last week ?


Marble Season (Drawn & Quarterly)
by Gilbert Hernandez

'Marble Season', shifting between memories from childhood to post-puberty, creates a narrative of moments that are so intimate that they begin to relate to everyone. This gives the book a depth that text and pictures alone could never create. Having the narrative split between three boys, aged (approximately) 4, 8, and 12, Gilbert is able to relay experiences from three distinct periods in growing up which allows the narrative to simultaneously touch on the feeling of being left out because of your age, boyhood obsessions with card games, and the evolving relationship with girls over this period of time.

Similar to his other recent release, 'Marble Season' uses pastiche, abandoning traditional narrative to tell the story of  life. As where 'Julio’s Day' began to sprawl across decades and family lines, 'Marble Season' focuses on simply a few months worth of childhood memories. By focusing/un-focusing the timelines of his two works, Gilbert is able to reflect the vividness of childhood and the unwieldiness of life where missing days turn into missing years. One can recall detailed stories based on one summer of your childhood, but, similar to Ware's 'Building Stories', when one's whole life is placed into the context of a narrative the time jumps become massive.

Fury MAX #11 (Marvel)
by Garth Ennis, Gorlan Parlov, Lee Loughridge

Guys. Guys. Guys. 'Fury MAX' is really good!

Young Avengers #4 (Marvel)
by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton, Matt Wilson

I was so close to giving up on this series, so close, but then the previous issue ended up not being about two kids talking about their relationship for twenty-two pages, like the previous two. Instead it’s about going to the discoteca and punching space parasites bleeding into our reality and Loki doing stuff. And in this issue, it continues to get better. Although following the press on this issue, I don’t think many people understand what going “Chris Ware” means.

FF #5 (Marvel)
by Matt Fraction, Mike Allred, Laura Allred
Fraction is one of the few writers at the Big 2 who understands how to adapt the tone of his stories for the artists he is working with, unlike others who simply change the number of panels an artist is given per page and talks about how they tailor each script to the individual artist. Case in point, 'Casanova' is a Steranko fever dream because Ba/Moon nail that tone, while 'FF' is filled with 50’s beatniks and weird Kirby monsters for Allred to riff on because that is what Allred’s art is meant for.

Age of Ultron #6 (Marvel)
by Brian Michael Bendis, Carlos Pacheco, Brandon Peterson, Roger Martinez, Paul Mounts, Jose Villarrubia

This looks like if Marvel poached the B-List of Avatar’s artist roster, and then hired a color-blind person to color it. The anatomies are all over the place, the art is stilted, and the dumb argument on morals from last issue is repeated a second time so that Bendis can pad out another five pages and hit his page count.

Gyo (Viz)
by Junji Ito

I don’t like fish anymore.

Milo Manara Draws Shit


Newspaper sized Johnny Negron comic. Those Floating World guys have excellent taste.

Interview with Louis CK. I love Louis CK.

Following up his Eisner Nominated 'Ant Comic' which ended a month or two ago, Michael DeForge has started a new Sunday strip.

A Chip Kidd talk at Google introduced by Ryan Sands. If you want to make a checklist of things i am into, this hits most of them.

Jesse Moynihan art prints. Forming and Adventure Time are great, and so is Jesse Moynihan.

Secret Acres MOCCA con report. Seems like this years show was a solid first attempt at rehabbing MOCCA, and that next years show, and how the Society of Illustrators react to the criticisms I've come across will be the big one.

Mickey Z’s kickstarter to print a bunch of cool dog stickers.

A Sammy Harkham interview following his nomination (and winning) of The Los Angeles Times Book Prizes for Graphic/Novels. I liked this quote from Harkham:

    "What I liked about comics as a teenager is the same thing I liked about punk rock and what I liked about gory horror movies: It just felt completely trashy and disgusting and stupid. You'd be embarrassed to read a comic on the bus — you still would. But I like that...It's embracing that surface quality, not trying to make your work look smart at all, and then surprising the reader that this is a little bit richer, more layered, that there's a lot more going on."

Also, Holy Shit! Sammy Harkham is only 32? My understanding of cartoonists relative ages is way the fuck off.

Cool Kirby art.

Craig Thompson interviews Blutch.

Final cover artwork and a 18 page preview of 'TEOTFW' (which comprises the first two issues).

CBLDF is selling Joost Swarte prints, which i figure someone would have mentioned before but alas this is the first time I've seen them.

I guess a bunch of sites who did not know who Frank Santoro was, found that 'Before Watchmen' blacklist he published a few months ago, after that dude who inked Kevin Smith's 'Daredevil' run got all mad about something and decided it was Santoro’s fault. Or something. Anyways the Eisner's have an extremely strong list of nominees this year. I’d assume it’s because the judges this year have taste, unlike that inker dude.

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