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diary of a guttersnipe 1/07/2013: i can't skate no more

by Shawn Starr


Happy #1 (Top Shelf Productions)
by Josh Simmons

I kept waiting for the bunny story to take a didn't, but i feel like if i try and read it again that Simmons himself would sneak into my house and add pages when i wasn't looking that would make me end up crying in the shower and trying to forget everything i saw that day.

God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls (Fantagraphics)
by Jaime Hernandez

This is another one of the "post-Tardi" format books Fantagraphics has locked in on. The paper stock alone makes this book (and just about every other book in this formatting "line") worth a flip through, but that fails to take into account the beautiful artwork of Jaime Hernandez, which is also over-sized i might add.

The story here isn't really anything of note (at least in comparison to what it was running against in its original serialization), it's really just an excuse for Jaime to work out some of his wacky superhero influences with the cast of Locas and bring back some of the wrestling fights he's been unable to utilize for a long while. That said it's still Jaime, and its still one of the best looking books of any year.

Punk Rock Jesus #6 (Vertigo/DC)
by Sean Murphy

Sean Murphy teaches us all he's a better writer than every "professional" writer he's so far been tapped to provide art duties for. This turned out to be the best vertigo book since the last volume of 'Seaguy'.

New Avengers #1 (Marvel)
by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, Rick Magyar, Frank D'Armata

If you were wondering what had to happen for Hickman to get two Avengers books, it's the same thing that happened to Fraction, he had to pay the pied piper of mediocrity. Steve Epting's art is passable (maybe better than passable), but D'Armata's coloring kills anything that would make it stand out from the rest of the mid list.

I wonder if D'Armata will be remembered in an age of digital inking and coloring as the Vince Colletta of his generation. A figure who's every credit lead to a perceived reduction in quality that no one in editorial recognized. I have since looked at some Colletta Kirby pages in the first Fourth World Omnibus and they aren't nearly as offensive to my eyes as what D'Armata does to these pages.

Those Photoshopped clouds....just why...

The story itself makes little sense, The Black Panther meets some kids who solved a puzzle and are therefore the future rulers of Wakanda, but not before a Rhino appears out of a portal for no reason, then they go through the portal and some "badass" aliens tell them how they are going to destroy the world. I was never sure after that moment when they were on the alternative earth or the "real" earth, and Hickman kept implying Black Panther was on one, but the art on the next panel says otherwise.

Also, why do alien super beings dress like 90's rave girls who like guys to cum on their lower back tribal tattoo's ? Is that what comic "creators" are into nowadays? Does it remind them of their their college days? Is this all a sad attempt to recapture their youth masturbating into socks to MTV 'til 4am and trying to explain to their math teacher what house music was ? You decide.

Hellboy in Hell #2 (Dark Horse)
by Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart

This is what i was waiting for from Mignola. Brilliant colors, breathtaking panels, and a just minuscule glimpse of a back story i wish desperately to know, but never want to in fear it will destroy everything.

Django Unchained #1 (Vertigo/DC)
by Quentin Tarantino, R.M. Guera, Jason Latour, Giulia Brusco

Since there was no black people involved in making this comic, does that make it racist?

The Manhattan Projects #8 (Image)
by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra, Jordie Bellaire

This issue seemed like it was supposed to take place twenty issues later, almost like Hickman compressed years worth of spy games and just skipped right to the first volley of the war.

Prophet #32 (Image)
by Simon Roy

Simon Roy everybody. Simon Roy.

Nothing to Drink

Tucker Stone's best of list makes me want to go to a comic shop and flip a table, punch a hole in the wall, and then read a stack of comics. He's the best advocate for both reading and destroying comics.

I would have sworn to god the Comic Books ARE BURNING IN HELL podcast was playing an elaborate joke on everyone by including 'Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller' on all of their "best of" lists (with the exception of Jog i believe). They got me to buy it so i guess ill find out if I'm a rube.

Chad Nevett posted the line up for his 2013 Blogathon, in which i am named, and outclassed by every other contributor. It should provide a good days worth of reading for a good cause.

The Dean Haspiel Comics Reporter interview was a standout.

Jacques Tardi Turned Down The Legion D’Honneur, which i guess is the french equivalent of being knighted. His statement read: "Being fiercely attached to my freedom of thought and creativity, I do not want to receive anything, neither from this government or from any other political power whatsoever. I am therefore refusing this medal with the greatest determination.” I didn't know i could admire Tardi anymore, but he found a way. Also fuck Grant Morrison, that royal lover.

'Basketball Comic' #1, the follow up to 'Cop Comic' #1, by Mickey Z, Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle was released. That's a solid lineup.

This is definitely how it happened.


In addition to making his CBR debut on Comics Should Be Good with a review of Michel Fiffe's 'COPRA', and once again proving he's better than me, Alec Berry also starred in the new hit MTV show "Buckwild". If you were wondering what he was up to, here are my notes from the debut episode.

12pm – Alec mud-wrestles his armless uncle and a pig for the key to the family truck.

1:30pm – Having lost at mud wrestling, Alec does whippets with his pet goat.

4pm – Alec wakes up from a mild whippet overdose.

4:10pm – 4:30pm Alec writes his best of 2012 column.

4:30pm- Alec takes the keys to the family truck, a bottle of moonshine, and takes a local girl to the top of a hill to converse.

4:50pm – Alec comes home, moonshine in hand.

6pm - More Whippets

8pm - Alec and friends go to town and dry hump the night away to a white lead Lil' Jon cover band.


Chris Ware's New Yorker cover on the Newtown shooting, and the follow up essay were stunning.

Rob Liefeld's homage to Robert Crumbs "Keep on Truckin"

Wes Anderson's try out video for the first season of "The Real World" is on youtube.

I don't think i ever linked this, but here's Kate Beaton's Hurricane Sandy comics.

Tom Spurgeon's 50 positive things from comics in 2012 was brilliant.

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