Monday, December 31, 2012

diary of a guttersnipe 12/31/2012: *cough* boner *cough*

by Shawn Starr

Got sick, here's some links and bad jokes.

Links, Links, + More Links

Quentin Tarantino being interviewed by Charlie Rose about "Django Unchained"

Another Tarantino interview.

Michael DeForge's 'First Year Healthy' is yet another masterpiece in a series of masterpieces, This time via Tumblr and not some mini you will never find.

Chris Ware and Stan Lee have the same birthday, something about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee being a thief...(applause) (ruckus laughter) (someone shoots themselves) (police show up) (i am arrested for being too funny) (the end)

I'd never call Josh Flanagan of iFanboy fame a "Can't". That's just juvenile.

I liked this Dan Harmon keynote talk.

I think three comics came out this week....i didn't read any of them so i have no clue.

That Spider-Man story sounds dumb. I also don't care. CAUSE NO ONE EVER DIES HURRR DURRR (except my grandmother, she's dead, i was there when they buried her...).

Zack Soto interview.

Cream sauce and juniper berries.

Aidan Koch art sale. Also a nice Journal interview by Sean T. Collins.

That Frank Ocean album was pretty solid.

Wes Anderson talking about meeting Pauline Kael for a private screening of "Rushmore".

Nate Bulmer was interviewed on Inkstuds (its not up yet, but when it is, you should listen to it). Bulmer is a very funny fella.

It's nice that they made that movie about that white family (based on a spanish family) surviving the tsunami that killed all those asian people. Wealthy white people suffering tends to get drowned out in those situations. (DROWNED!) (GET IT) (sorry)

New The Chemical Box podcast for those who care.

"Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap" is now on Netflix Instant.

The Comics Reporter Holiday Interviews are going up! I've read the Rob Clough and Marc Sobel ones, they were good.

Oh, the guy who directed "Les Miserables" also made "The King's Speech". That guy sure is white.

God, aren't we all so pretty.

Rob Liefeld interview podcast.

This Nate Bulmer webcomic was particularly funny.

Stayed up to 5am playing Halo and getting drunk. Thirteen year old Shawn would be very excited about the life he will lead.

This 'Cowboy Henk' strip kind of explains everything about 1980's Britain.

That 'Uncanny Avengers' art sure doesn't look rushed.

[ Crime Overlords.]

Josh Flanagan may be, kinda, sorta, a can't...

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