Wednesday, October 10, 2012

episode 020: disconsolate

in this extra long episode, tim callahan (tor, cbr) returns to the show to discuss such topics as the state of mainstream comics (dc new 52, marvel now!, etc.), alan moore and neil gaiman's seminal work in mainstream comics, further thoughts on rob liefeld's exit from dc comics, hawkeye #1-2 by matt fraction and david aja, the world of rpg gaming, marvel's avengers vs. x-men event, casanova: avaritia #1-4 by matt fraction and gabriel ba, dark avengers by jeff parker with declan shalvey and kev walker, fashion beast #1 by alan moore with antony johnston and facundo percio, the film work of nicolas roeg and it's influence on alan moore (particularly 'insignifigance'), streak of chalk by miguelanxo prado, art vs. story, joe casey, the comics journal and the state of comics criticism, and much more.

music by la roux


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