Monday, January 9, 2012

episode 014: the defining line

in this episode the boys are joined by tim callahan (of cbr, tor, splash page) for an extra long sprawling conversation that includes discussions about basil wolverton, steve ditko, the dc new 52, action comics by grant morrison with rags morales and andy kubert, rob liefeld, joe casey, steve bissette's comics reporter interview, tundra, frank miller and the new sensitivity, batman inc: leviathan strikes by grant morrison with cameron stewart and chris burnham, the different approaches to writing about comics, ross campbell, brilliant by brian michael bendis and mark bagley, spider-man, kids and comics, tim vigil, time management, single issues and absolute editons, jeff lemire, the glyph awards, mocca, michael deforge, spawn/batman by frank miller and todd mcfarlane, savage dragon by erik larsen, stupid people, and so much more.

music by hella



  1. If Rags Morales married Mark Bagley (here in Massachusetts, of course), then we could potentially have an artist named Rags Bagley. Think about it.

  2. "Rags Bagley" is actually a good way to describe their art style from now on.

  3. "Rags Bagley Berry" will be a future person. I'll sacrifice my kid for the name's existence.

  4. no, we will be back soon. alec has been busy with school and my computer died so it wasn't in the cards for a couple months there. we should have a new episode out in the next week or two.